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 The role of solar inverters in creating renewable energy.

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PostSubject: The role of solar inverters in creating renewable energy.   Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:13 pm

Most solar energy users are not concerned about the inverters in a solar energy system, but this is the most important portion of the system that converts the solar energy into electric power. They are very discrete, unobtrusive boxes that convert direct current (DC), in this case from solar panels, to alternating current (AC) for practical use.  With the use of proper transformers, switching, and circuit controls, AC can be converted to any voltage and frequency.

Apart from the conversion of electricity, inverters are also used to transmit power from batteries and fuel cells. Most property owners using solar electricity use grid tie inverters.  These inverters are capable of feeding back energy into the utility grid because it produces alternating current with the amplitude and frequency as the energy provided by the utility distribution network.  These are quite useful as they can shut off in the event of a blackout.

To get information about the various types of inverters available in the market, you can consult a Solar inverters australia company near you. A commercial generator or uninterruptible power supply uses a battery and an inverter to store alternating current for a main power distribution outage.  Once main power is restored, a rectifier is used to supply direct current electricity for recharging the battery.

According to reports, the growing photovoltaic market has resulted in a multi-billion euro market for European inverter manufacturers.  The photovoltaic inverter market is expected to double in value during the coming years. Though inverters are frequently unnoticed when admiring a solar system, their role is what makes any solar energy generation project possible. 
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The role of solar inverters in creating renewable energy.
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